Areas of Intervention

May 09, 2021

4H The Gambia as an NGO places prominent attention on mitigating youth rural-urban migration in search for greener pastures. The Organization’s general goals are: 

Establishment of enabling working stations that have outstanding capabilities and could be sustainable enough to transform rural -youths into becoming resourceful, and within which they will have participated as key actors in national development. 

These general goals, however, play a central role of ensuring the overall efficiency and effectiveness of program[s] implementation and management of 4H The Gambia’s operations. Primarily, these are spelled out in three multidimensional forms:

  1. To ensure that clubs are established within the purviews of its functional communities and/or beyond, as well as keen-sighting the sustainability of existing clubs through having strong clusters steering committees, 4H clubs, and members with broad knowledge in management, project -control, and/or harmless environment to support income-generating activities. 

  1. To train members on leadership skills by strengthening the capacity of the clusters in carrying out the daily activities of the clubs. More essentially, to empower Staff and National Board Members with adequate pre-requisite organizational skills and resourceful techniques relatively to sustain rural youths and abate poverty level.

  1. To protect and promote 4H The Gambia’s clubs farming activities across various ranges of productions, especially on vegetables and orchards production rates.

The Growth – Aims are principal to:

  1. Progress the living standard of approximately 5,000 skilled rural youths so as to disabling them from undertaking dangerous back way –trip to Europe and Urban Centers.

  1. Subsidize to the economic and social transformation of 4H The Gambia’s organizational bonds through expanding policies. i.e. from [ one national, 10 clusters, and 65 clubs, to 25 clusters, 4H complex–building, 250 clubs across the country, and over 25 field staff by the end of the year 2019.

Validating a few fundament agendas hand-picked by 4H The Gambia in her cross-functional explicit objectives, are specifically to:

  1. Create awareness about 4H in schools by training teachers who could orient schools children of 4H The Gambia’s scopes and operations.

  2. Enhance 4H The Gambia’s organizational capabilities through the procurement of necessary skills, resources, and acquaintance of members to accomplish project fulfillment. 

  3. Stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit to members on clubs –levelin connection with business techniques so as to be profound on a basis of profitability- quest and added values of capital investment.

  4. Impart skills and ground knowledge on income generation through seminars and workshops management at all levels [national, clubs, and clusters]. To ensure overall program[s] accomplishments.

  5. Abate 60% rural-urban migration by about 2% per annum for an operational spectrum of 4H The Gambia by year 2019.

  6. Bond 4H The Gambia from side to side networking with relevant international and domestic agencies for funding by 2019

Design about 32 proposals for 4H The Gambia’s fundraising by

For universal health coverage, we:  

  • Capacity building and technical  training ;

  • Life skills development and income generation; 

  • Enterprise development ;

  • Rain-fed agriculture ; 

  • Cereal banking ; 

  • Beekeeping; 

  • Vegetable gardening and horticulture;

  • Networking with similar partners; 

  • Exchange visit; 

  • Animal husbandry;

For health emergencies, we:

  • prepare for emergencies by identifying, mitigating and managing risks

  • prevent emergencies and support development of tools necessary during outbreaks

  • detect and respond to acute health emergencies

  • support delivery of essential health services in fragile settings.