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May 09, 2021
Category YouthMigration

4H The Gambia’s resourcefulness targets youths between 15-35 years of age, focusing on school-dropouts and non-literates within her functional jurisdictions.

The 4H concept was derived from the Norwegian 4H volunteers who were attached to the Chamen Agricultural Self Development Training Center situated in the NBR Former participants undergoing training at the center spread the idea in their respective villages, regions, and then brought about 4H clubs. In 1995, 4H The Gambia was registered as a national organization with NGO Affairs Agency [NGOAA] ,4H operates in North bank Region and  Central River  Region of The Gambia.

We support the Member States as they coordinate the efforts of multiple sectors of the government and partners – including bi- and multilateral, funds and foundations, civil society organizations, and private sector – to attain their health objectives and support their national health policies and strategies.


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