About Us

4H The Gambia was founded on 10/2/1986 as an international Non-Governmental Organization [NGO], which later became a local NGO on 15/7/2007. Thus, its principal activities include Agriculture, Education Income Generation, HIV/AIDS Sensitization, Governance and Democracy, Gender, and Strategic- Training in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Skills. More importantly, it had developed as an idealistic- rural youth development organization that operates within North Bank and Central River Regions of the Gambia, with an existing 65 clubs and 10 clusters, which house over 5000 young Gambians respectively.

Since its two decades of operational existence in The Gambia, the Organization has helped dwindled rural-urban migration effects, by stimulating young unemployed Gambians into her clubs. This evidence has been demonstrated through its various capacities buildings projects that empowered 4H members with possessive prerequisite skills in, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and/or other income generating activities, for self-employment, relatively to attain self- reliance. 

4H The Gambia’s resourcefulness targets youths between 15-35 years of age, focusing on school- dropouts and non-literates within her functional jurisdictions.

The 4H concept was derived from the Norwegian 4H volunteers who were attached to the Chamen Agricultural Self Development Training Center situated in the NBD. Former participants undergoing training at the center spread the idea in their respective villages, regions, and then brought about 4H clubs. In 1995, 4H The Gambia was registered as a national organization with NGO Affairs Agency [NGOAA].

4H Norge, together with the Royal Norwegian Society for Development [NORAD] [NorgesVel], supported 4H The Gambia projects through funding from NORAD since 1987 up-to 2009. In 1988, a youth exchange program study tour program between 4H The Gambia and 4H Norge was established through funding from Norwegian Youth Council [LNU] .The main focus on this exchange program includes the sharing of bi- socio-cultural and socio- economic life experiences, skills, and knowledge.

The role of 4H Norge is described in the agreement of Co-operation 2005-06 with Norge Vel. Reportedly, similar agreement have existed at least from 1995.The agreement states that 4H Norge is to provide ‘‘expertise in 4H project work, organizational working methods, youth organizations, and other 4H matters’’, in this regard; 4H Norge supplies 10-20 % of the total Norwegian project support, depending on the actual NORAD funding, from its Solidarity Fund.

The capital in this fund comes from a percentage from each ticket been sold in the national 4H Norge Lottery.

The role of NorgeVel, in accordance to its 2005-06 agreement, in collaboration with 4H Norge ‘‘shall give specific advice on how to develop 4H The Gambia as an economically and socially/organizational sustainable organization’’. This agreement also states that NorgeVel shall receive reports from 4H The Gambia, which informs 4H Norge about project developments; in that plans and reports are per agreement and NORAD regulations are followed. The agreement also states that 4H Norge and NorgeVel‘‘together are responsible for project planning, implementation and assessment’’, and that the organization form a steering group the two Project Coordinators as members.

NORAD supports the Gambia’s project under its Framework -Agreement with Norges Vel. It approves annual project plans and reports for and from 4H The Gambia. Since 1992 , NORAD provided approximately 80-90 per cent of total cost for 4H The Gambia , donating some Norwegian Kroners Six Million , Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand,[NOK 6,230,000] to the 4H The Gambia projects. NORAD funding for 2004, 2005, and 2006, were NOK 351, 000, NOK 360,000, and NOK 437,000 [estimated] respectively.

The key activities supported by 4H The Gambia to 4H clubs, amongst others range from training in organizational skills, agriculture, income generation, HIV/AIDS sensitization, education, and gender.

The Organization’s Head Office is situated in Upper Baddibu District, North Bank Region, P.O. Box 6046, Farafenni the Gambia. The Organization accommodates members from its operational domains in the North Bank and Central River Regions of The Gambia. Its membership style was designed to take shapes in three systematic forms:

Active Members It comprises of young male and female aged between 15 and 35 years. This category of members are organized at clubs level, as the most resourceful and effective members.

Alumni Members It consists of male and female aged between 36 and 60 years. They play the role of advisory committees on a voluntary basis.

Under- aged Members It houses boys and girls aged between 10 years. They are trained to become future active members of the 4H The Gambia.