4H The Gambia (4H)

Increasing the socio-economic status of women and children in the rural Gambia.

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4H The Gambia was founded on 10/2/1986 as an international Non-Governmental Organization [NGO], which later became a local NGO on 15/7/2007. Thus, its principal activities include Agriculture, Education Income Generation, HIV/AIDS Sensitization, Governance and Democracy, Gender, and Strategic- Training in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Skills. More importantly, it had developed as an idealistic- rural youth development organization that operates within North Bank and Central River Regions of the Gambia, with an existing 65 clubs and 10 clusters, which house over 5000 young Gambians respectively.

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Enhancing crop yields, diversify rural incomes, enhance biodiversity conservation and reduce poverty among smallholder farmers through the adoption of agroforestry farming practices that incorporate the use of pollinator trees.

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4H the Gambia mission is underlined by learning by doing: to work with young people to enable them to develop a clear head, a warm heart, clear hands and good health.

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Over 5,000 Youths Impacted

4H The Gambia - 4H alumni Seikou Kijera about the impact of 4H in rural Gambia

4H the Gambia was established in 1987. To many villages and to many individuals, the organisation has been very important. Seikou has followed the development from the start, and in this short film, he tells about his experiences and the impact of 4H in the rural Gambia.

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